Two Pi announces TRAVERSO - unified Technology for BLE-supported fitting of hearing aids.

Traverso™ Technology for hearing healthcare supports future scenarios for Telehealth, OTC distribution and interactive personalization of hearing aids. Traverso is the signal processing technology that interacts directly with the user. It is intuitively simple yet scientifically profound basis for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)–connected listening products.

Two Pi's TRAVERSO technology for hearing healthcare supports future scenarios for Telehealth, OTC distribution and Interactive personalization of Hearing aids:

  • In-Situ Screening and Audiometry
  • Clinical Research Toolbox
  • Hearing aid Simulation and Modification
  • Participative Audiological Rehabilitation
  • Interactive Fitting and Fine Tuning
  • OTC Solutions for Hearing Loss Compensation
  • Interoperability with external Audiometric and Prescription Data.

TRAVERSO is designed to bridge evident benefits of medical-grade hearing healthcare with the simplicity of using and dispensing consumer products.
With concern for the safety and efficacy issues, the familiar touchscreen of the mobile device is linked to the powerful signal processing developed for clinically employed hearing aids.

Please contact us for more information about availability of iOS/Android apps for hearing healthcare, product development, medical regulation issues, CE certification and about our partners in hardware and mobile health.
About Two Pi
Two Pi is an innovative technology company developing advanced intellectual property for the hearing healthcare, personal communications and professional communications markets. Two Pi's algorithm catalogue results from a scientific program carried out with university partners.

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