How to secure funding for tomorrow's innovations?

The development of innovative products and services is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Securing sufficient funding at the right time is a prerequisite for the success of every single life sciences company. LISAvienna's owners and network partners offer great opportunities for support in this regard. To provide you with a first idea on what exactly is available and where to turn to, we have compiled some information for you on:

The LISAvienna team is happy to contribute additional tips and contacts to support your fundraising efforts. Please contact us for your individual interview.

Marlis Baurecht - aws
(C) aws / Heribert Corn

As a clear result of Austria’s current movement to promote innovation and growth, I am delighted to see a steady stream of innovative biotech and medical device start-ups opening up their doors here. Most of them have chosen Vienna as their home base.

Marlis Baurecht
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