Open Calls & Deadlines to remember

Date Opportunities
31.7.2021 Vienna Business Agency - Shared Facilities
31.7.2021 EUIPO - Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund: IP pre-diagnostic services (IP scan) and/or trade mark and design applications
15.8.2021 Vienna Business Agency - Innovate4Vienna 2021
20.8.2021 CDG deadline
30.8.2021 BOKU - Start-up Prize 2021
31.8.2021 Vienna Business Agency - R&D Collaboration Initiation
31.8.2021 Vienna Business Agency - Wien Digital
31.8.2021 ERC - Advanced Grants
31.8.2021 IÖB-Call 2021: Gesundheits- und Pflegeinnovationen aus und für Österreich
1.9.2021 FFG - Bridge 1
3.9.2021 EIT Raw Materials - Start-up and SME booster call
6.9.2021 IPCEI Life Sciences
8.9.2021 FFG - Board Meeting General Program
10.9.2021 Vienna Business Agency - Life Sciences 2021
10.9.2021 AbbVie - Apply for a meeting slot at the European Virtual Partnering Days scheduled for October 4-8, 2021
14.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Preparation for deployment of lighthouse demonstrators and solution scale ups and cross-cutting citizen and stakeholder involvement
15.9.2021 BASF - Innovation Hub: Start-ups and innovators' solutions dealing with clean energy, sustainable agriculture and circular economy
15.9.2021 Österreichischer Gründerpreis PHÖNIX
16.9.2021 FFG - IKT der Zukunft: benefit - demografischer Wandel als Chance
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Indoor air quality and health
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Innovative tools for use and re-use of health data (in particular of electronic health records and/or patient registries)
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and health
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Health care innovation procurement network
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Healthy Citizens 2.0 - Supporting digital empowerment and health literacy of citizens
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Health impacts of climate change, costs and benefits of action and inaction
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Promoting a trusted mHealth label in Europe: uptake of technical specifications for quality and reliability of health and wellness apps
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Data-driven decision-support tools for better health care delivery and policy-making with a focus on cancer
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - A roadmap towards the creation of the European partnership on One Health antimicrobial resistance (OH AMR)
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Towards a molecular and neurobiological understanding of mental health and mental illness for the benefit of citizens and patients
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Building a European partnership for pandemic preparedness
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - A roadmap for personalised prevention
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Development, procurement and responsible management of new antimicrobials
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Building a European innovation platform for the repurposing of medicinal products
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Enhancing quality of care and patient safety
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Innovative approaches to enhance poverty-related diseases research in sub-Saharan Africa
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Smart medical devices and their surgical implantation for use in resource-constrained settings
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Improved supportive, palliative, survivorship and end-of-life care of cancer patients
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - European partnership for the assessment of risks from chemicals (PARC)
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Personalised medicine and infectious diseases: understanding the individual host response to viruses (e.g. SARS-CoV-2)
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Next generation advanced therapies to treat highly prevalent and high burden diseases with unmet medical needs
21.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Clinical validation of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for treatment and care
22.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Medical Technology and Devices: from Lab to Patient
22.9.2021 Horizon Europe - EIC Transition Open 2021
23.9.2021 Horizon Europe - Biomaterials database for Health Applications (CSA)
23.9.2021 Horizon Europe - FAIR and open data sharing in support of cancer research
23.9.2021 Horizon Europe - The challenges of research ethics and integrity in response to crisis: the coronavirus pandemic and beyond
30.9.2021 Vienna Business Agency - Innovation
30.9.2021 Vienna Business Agency - Internationalisation Focus
30.9.2021 Vienna Business Agency - Location Initiative
30.9.2021 City of Vienna - 2021 Sponsorship Award for the Advancement of Science focusing on Environmental Protection
30.9.2021 EUIPO - Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund: IP pre-diagnostic services (IP scan) and/or trade mark and design applications
30.9.2021 FFG - Innovationscamps M
6.10.2021 FFG - Big Data in der Produktion, Bilaterale Ausschreibung, Österreich – Deutschland 2021
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Strategic Digital and Health Technologies
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - One Health approach for Food Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA)
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Biodiversity, water, food, energy, transport, climate and health nexus in the context of transformative change
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Increasing the transparency of EU food systems to boost health, sustainability and safety of products, processes and diets
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Integrated urban food system policies – how cities and towns can transform food systems for co-benefits
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Microbes for healthy and sustainable food and diets
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Transition to healthy and sustainable dietary behaviour
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - What else is out there? Exploring the connection between biodiversity, ecosystems services, pandemics and epidemic risk
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Animal welfare 2.0
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Vaccines and diagnostics for priority animal diseases
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Resilient livestock farming systems under climate change
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Filling knowledge gaps on the nutritional, safety, allergenicity and environmental assessment of alternative proteins and dietary shift
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Tackling outbreaks of plant pests
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - European Partnership Water Security for the Planet (Water4All)
6.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Improved science based maritime spatial planning and identification of marine protected areas
6.10.2021 EIC Accelerator - open program & challenges: Strategic Digital and Health technologies / Green Deal innovations for the economic recovery
14.10.2021 Vienna Business Agency - Material Assets: Innovative Investments
19.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Controlling infection on large passenger ships
20.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Preparing, a European initiative to understand cancer
20.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Preparing the ground for healthy soils: building capacities for engagement, outreach and knowledge
20.10.2021 FFG - Board Meeting General Program
21.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Art-driven use experiments and design (RIA)
27.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Engineered Living Materials
27.10.2021 Horizon Europe - Tools to measure and stimulate activity in Brain Tissue
31.10.2021 Vienna Business Agency - Shared Facilities
31.10.2021 LBG - PPIE Call 2021: Support for researchers and their organizations implementing meaningful and active involvement of patients and the public in research
5.11.2021 CDG deadline
15.11.2021 Vienna Business Agency - Innovate4Vienna 2021
16.11.2021 FFG - COMET-Zentren (K1)
23.11.2021 Horizon Europe - Fast deployed mobile laboratories to enhance situational awareness for pandemics and emerging infectious diseases
30.11.2021 Vienna Business Agency - Wien Digital
30.11.2021 Vienna Business Agency - R&D Collaboration Initiation
1.12.2021 City of Vienna - Medical-Scientific Fund of the Mayor of Vienna
1.12.2021 FFG - Board Meeting General Program
2.12.2021 FFG -AI for Green
17.12.2021 FFG - Industrienahe Dissertationen: laufende Einreichung, die Ausschreibung wird geschlossen falls die verfügbaren Mittel vor dem Ende der Einreichfrist ausgeschöpft sind
31.12.2021 Vienna Business Agency - Location Initiative
31.12.2021 Vienna Business Agency - Material Assets: Innovative Investments
31.12.2021 CEPI,NIBSC, WHO - partners for sourcing serum or plasma from individuals recovered from infection with SARS-CoV-2 variants for the development of antibody working standards and reference panels, will be selected on a rolling basis in 2021.
31.12.2021 Vienna Business Agency - Innovation
1.2.2022 Horizon Europe - Boosting mental health in Europe in times of change
1.2.2022 Horizon Europe - Trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) tools to predict the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases and/or their progression
15.2.2022 Horizon Europe - Environmental observations solutions contributing to meeting “One Health” challenges
15.2.2022 Horizon Europe - Emerging and future risks to plant health
15.2.2022 Horizon Europe - Assessing and improving labour conditions and health and safety at work in farming
15.2.2022 Horizon Europe - Integrated surveillance system to prevent and reduce diet-related non communicable diseases (NCDs)
15.2.2022 Horizon Europe - Microbiomes in food production systems
15.2.2022 Horizon Europe - Biosecurity, hygiene, disease prevention and animal welfare in aquaculture
30.3.2022 Horizon Europe - Smart and multifunctional biomaterials for health innovations (RIA)
31.3.2022 FFG - Innovationscamps S: Laufend einreichen!
31.3.2022 Vienna Business Agency - Innovate4Vienna 2021
5.4.2022 Horizon Europe - Advanced characterisation methodologies to assess and predict the health and environmental risks of nanomaterials (RIA)
12.4.2022 Horizon Europe - Framework service contracts for the provision of assistance in the field of occupational health and safety and environment at the Joint Research Centre, Ispra site (Italy) (Tender)
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - Better financing models for health systems
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - Setting up a European Smart Health Innovation Hub
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - Methods for assessing health-related costs of environmental stressors
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - European partnership on transforming health and care systems
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - Setting up a European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF) Ecosystem
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - New pricing and payment models for cost-effective and affordable health innovations
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - Personalised blueprint of chronic inflammation in health-to-disease transition
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - Public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI) for building the resilience of health care systems in the context of recovery
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - Pre-commercial research and innovation procurement (PCP) for building the resilience of health care systems in the context of recovery
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - New methods for the effective use of real-world data and/or synthetic data in regulatory decision-making and/or in health technology assessment
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - European partnership fostering a European Research Area (ERA) for health research
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - Pandemic preparedness
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - Support for the functioning of the Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness (GloPID-R)
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - Non-communicable diseases risk reduction in adolescence and youth (Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases - GACD)
21.4.2022 Horizon Europe - Scaling up multi-party computation, data anonymisation techniques, and synthetic data generation
9.6.2022 Horizon Europe - Provision of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Expertise to JRC Petten (Tender)
6.9.2022 Horizon Europe - Developing nature-based therapy for health and well-being
21.9.2022 Horizon Europe - Implementing digital services to empower neuroscience research for health and brain inspired technology via EBRAINS

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