Life Sciences in Austria: Online Survey - Participate Now!

We are supporting the survey of companies and research institutions in the Austrian life sciences sector, which is currently being conducted by WPZ Research GmbH on behalf of the Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws) and the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economy (BMAW).

The survey results will be used to present Austria's life sciences location internationally and nationally as an important research and future market. We kindly ask you to participate in this data collection, which is crucial for Austria's economic and scientific location.

The results will be published in early 2025 in the Life Science Report Austria (download at

You also have the opportunity to present your organization in the Austrian Life Sciences Directory ( The online database will be available in an updated form from early 2025.

Please look out for the invitation to participate in the online survey from lifescienceaustria-survey(at) in your public company mailbox.

Survey results will also provided the basis for the new edition of our Vienna Life Science Report.

Thank you very much for your support!

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