Lexogen: RNA-Seq Research Award

“Controlling RNA-Seq Experiments Using SIRVs”

With the Lexogen Research Award “Controlling RNA-Seq Experiments Using SIRVs“ we wish to provide a chance for researchers to utilize more next generation sequencing (NGS) in their upcoming projects.

Hardly anyone would run an RNA gel without a ladder, but transcriptomes are mostly sequenced without the use of external standards.

Lexogen addresses this problem by providing Spike-in RNA Variant Control Mixes (SIRVs) to the RNA-Seq community. To learn more visit the SIRVs web page or watch the webinar.

In this Research Award we ask you to submit a project proposal that involves NGS and SIRVs. The three selected winners shall be given one set of SIRVs together with one sequencing run.

If the current topic of the Award does not fit to your research, but you can refer it to somebody relevant, you can still benefit. Simply participate in our "Recommendation program".

Important dates
Application deadline
November 21, 2016

Winners announcement
December 5, 2016

Learn more and apply

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