Innovative 3D CAD/CAM software improves precision in dental technology

Rechenraum GmbH, an Austrian software development company focusing on medical and dental technology, has launched its innovative software solution ‚Intercusp‘ for dentistry. ‚Intercusp’ is the world’s first software so far that enables intersection-free, digital fine alignment of 3D jaw models in maximum intercuspation. This position is the central starting point for most dental treatments such as crowns, bridges, inlays, implants.

„We are happy to directly contribute to the well-being of patients in dentistry“, says Simon Flöry, founder and managing director of Rechenraum. „‘Intercusp‘ allows to algorithmically align upper and lower jaw intersection-free and in maximum pivot point contact for the first time. Therefore, more precise dental prostheses can be digitally produced. And this can be done in less time.“

In digital dental technology upper and lower jaw must be scanned separately to capture the chewing surfaces. The subsequent alignment of the jaws – the first step of every dental CAD software – is achieved with auxiliary procedures so far. These procedures are timeconsuming, generate potentially inaccurate, unnatural results and can entail subsequent errors.

Dentistry and dental technology are innovative markets being in a massive process of 3D CAD/CAM digitalization. But digital solutions are still facing some challenges at the moment, for example due to the fact that upper and lower jaw cannot be aligned completely intersection-free. While teeth physically cannot intersect when clenched, such „overlaps“ can occur with conventional digital methods. The resulting dental solutions can potentially be imprecise up to now.

About Rechenraum

Rechenraum develops efficient yet robust 3D/CAD/CAM software solutions for the processing, analysis and modelling of 3D data. These software solutions are used in dentistry, industrial production and 3D senor technology. Core competencies are 3D matching and high-precision, intersection-free fine alignment of scanned objects. Rechenraum develops tailor-made stand-alone software as well as ready to use software modules for integration into existing applications.

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