Alphatron Medical & contextflow announce breakthrough for immediate use of AI without barriers

Immediate access via existing IT infrastructure contributes to the speed of innovation in radiology

Workflow specialists Alphatron Medical Systems B.V. and chest CT experts contextflow GmbH have partnered to easily deliver contextflow SEARCH Lung CT clinical decision support to hospitals throughout the Netherlands via an existing DICOM mail network to which all Dutch hospitals are already connected.

contextflow develops clinical decision support (CDS) tools together with radiologists to help keep their constantly increasing workload manageable and improve patient care. The company's core technology automatically detects, quantifies and visualizes 7 disease patterns and lung nodules in CTs of the lungs, displaying relevant information directly in the radiologist's PACS viewer. In addition, contextflow provides similar patient reference cases and differential diagnosis literature for 19 lung disease patterns within seconds. In a recent clinical study at the Medical University of Vienna, radiologists experienced a general timesavings of 31% when reading reports with contextflow SEARCH Lung CT available (publication coming soon).

Alphatron Medical is known throughout the Netherlands for securely sharing medical images and records digitally via its DICOM mail network. Now radiologists who want to obtain contextflow's quantitative results for a particular patient can do so by uploading a CT of the lungs to Alphatron Medical's DICOM mail network from their existing PACS. contextflow will analyze the CTs and deliver quantitative results for lung nodules and disease patterns back to the requesting radiologist in DICOM format. This allows radiologists to test contextflow's system immediately without having to undergo a lengthy testing and implementation process.

Regarding the announcement, contextflow Chief Commercial Officer Marcel Wassink explains: "Implementation of AI tools has so far been a lengthy process that leads to a lot of frustrations for radiologists who are eager to try out AI. Alphatron Medical allows us to get our quantitative thoracic CT results to the point of care much faster and without hassle in a system that is already known and trusted nationwide."

Alphatron Director of Enterprise Imaging Patrick Zondag continues: “It's great to see that we can continue to expand the success of the DICOM mail network and make new innovations available to all healthcare providers in an approachable way.

The test feature will be available to all radiology departments in Alphatron Medical’s DICOM mail network. For more information, contact Alphatron Medical B.V. at +31 88 - 55 06 200 or info(at) .

About Alphatron Medical

The Enterprise Imaging division of Alphatron Medical focuses on the development and supply of software solutions that enable healthcare professionals to work smoothly and pleasantly throughout the entire healthcare process. Together with their clients, the specialists of Alphatron Medical develop complete solutions through smart application and integration of software applications. Such as our Enterprise Imaging solutions JiveX Healthcare Content Management, JiveX PACS and the nationwide DICOM mail network (Twiin Portaal). For more information check .

About contextflow

contextflow is a spin-off of the Medical University of Vienna (MUW) and European research project KHRESMOI, supported by the Technical University of Vienna (TU). Founded by a team of AI and engineering experts in July 2016, the company has received numerous awards; most recently, contextflow was named a Born Global Champion 2021 by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. Its clinical decision support software SEARCH Lung CT is CE Marked and available for clinical use within Europe under the new MDR. Visit for more information.

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