Health Hub Vienna: HHV Meetup: HealthTech - How to Really Benefit Doctors and Care Workforce

Assisting the medical and care workforce is one of the key potentials of digital health care: e.g. eliminating the burden of administrative tasks and routine check-ups, safely triaging patients and even providing diagnostics aide for expert doctors and/or general practitioners to gain more time for their patients and unique cases.


Many solutions exist already, but what is preventing their implementation?


  • Using taxpayer’s money to implement risky innovative projects is difficult and needs good arguments, usually proof of real clinical impact or proof of cost-savings. Both are hard to deliver before real-world application.
  • Where to start? Which problem to prioritize?
  • Data safety and data usage models
  • How to pick the best solution? Not only user friendliness is key, also integration into the daily workflows of healthcare professionals (some of which could/should be changed, but change is always hard). The adoption by both doctors and patients is often inhibited by the fear of creating rather more work than less and, even more important, potential liabilities. On top of the factors on the user-side: Does this AI really work, are there biases?
  • Startups and established organisations speak completely different languages and have different expectations of a partnership.

2020 showed us that the world is in dire need of powerful digital health solutions. This will not only increase the quality and standards of care but also decrease costs for all taxpayers alongside making the healthcare experience much smoother, more accessible, practical, and enjoyable for patients.

Health Hub Vienna digital health meetup is an informal, open forum inviting stakeholders, clinicians, selected startups, and partners to focus on the future and best practice in implementing solutions in order to speed up the adoption of innovation and, thus, change in healthcare.

LISAvienna will participate in the event. We are looking forward to meeting you online.

Wed, 20.1.2021 | 17:00 - 19:30


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