Vienna Business Agency Starts Life Sciences Focus

Two million Euros for research and development projects from the biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceutical industriesThe Vienna Business Agency is looking for the best research projects from Viennese companies in the area of life sciences in the second half of 2014. Within the framework of the "Life Sciences 2014" funding competition, a total of two million Euros are available for research and development projects from the fields of biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceuticals. 

Life Sciences as an area of strength in the Vienna economy
The various measures from the city of Vienna have contributed to the impressive development of the life sciences scene in Vienna as well as internationally. "Life sciences are one of the greatest success stories of the Viennese economy. That is why the city of Vienna has awarded more than 200 million Euros in subsidies to companies since 1998 and invested additional funds in the infrastructure," says deputy mayor Renate Brauner. Gerhard Hirczi, managing director of the Vienna Business Agency, emphasizes the significance of the industry for Vienna: "The life science industry doesn't just provide attractive apprentice training positions and jobs, but also generates an annual income in excess of nine billion Euros. With our focus, we want to continue to expand and strengthen this area of strength in the Viennese economy." Companies can submit their projects from June 16 to September 17, 2014. You can find corresponding information at:

Achieving success with the right funding
The projects funded by the Vienna Business Agency are bearing fruit: For example, the company Braincon was able to use the monetary grant to develop a mobile disinfection unit for hospital rooms that is already in use beyond the European borders.
The company Origimm is using the funding to develop an innovative vaccine that combats acne. In the future, this new technology will also be used to develop vaccines to combat a variety of other diseases caused by bacteria and germs.

Promotion, Consultation and Networking
In addition to the funding competition, the Vienna Business Agency is offering events and individual consultation for companies via LISAvienna - a joint initiative of the Vienna Business Agency and Austria Wirtschaftsservice  (aws) for strengthening life sciences in Vienna. The launch of the life sciences focus is taking place as a part of the "LISAvienna Life Science Circle," where the funding competition and all other offerings of the focus will be presented.  When & Where: June 17, 2014 starting at 5:00 pm in the  Sky Stage, Tech Gate Vienna, Donau City Straße 1, 1220 Vienna; Registrations at

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