usePAT GmbH receives fresh capital for internationalization

The usePAT GmbH, a young high-tech company from Vienna, is a provider of accurate measuring solutions. With the patented ultrasonic technology, measurements in industrial liquids are improved.

In process industry, Industry 4.0 stands for the need of permanently available process data - also in liquid analysis. The usePAT products soniccatch, sonicwipe and sonicclean extend the range of applications and the service life of in-line sensors used in real-time liquid analysis for means of process control and monitoring. For example, by combining soniccatch with a Raman spectroscopy probe, it is possible to detect and analyse microplastic particles in water.

The use of the usePAT products soniccatch, sonicwipe and sonicclean enables continuous real-time data acquisition directly in industrial liquids. The data obtained by this way is available immediately for process control without the need for sampling. usePAT thus supports the industry's efforts to optimize processes and the change from batch production to continuous production.

usePAT has now raised fresh capital in the high six-figure range in order to tackle the next development steps at full speed. In addition to the expansion of the team, the internationalization of sales, the further development of the products for new customer groups, additional certifications are also planned as next steps.

usePAT is consistently following the path of cooperation with business angels. Dr. Stefan Radel, Managing Director and Co-Founder: "We have already benefited greatly from the Business Angels, who participated in the first investment round! In this second investment round we could win two further experts, who will support us outstandingly with their network and with technical expertise.”

In addition to the new investors, the existing investors participated in the investment round as well. This is another indication that usePAT is on the right track.

The consortium of the experienced Business Angels Hermann Futter, Anton Traxler, Bernd Egger, Georg Doblhoff and Stephan Blahut, offers usePAT a perfect support in different topics.

Georg Heinz, Managing Director and Co-Founder: "The trust that existing and new investors place in us is our motivation to consistently pursue our future goals and expand our market success on the international stage.”

The products of usePAT:

soniccatch improves in-line, real-time measurements in industrial liquids by assembling particles using ultrasound. The concentration of the particles results in a significantly increased signal for the measuring probes used, which greatly improves measurements directly in the liquid or sometimes makes them possible in the first place. soniccatch can be combined as an add-on with various probe types - optical methods in particular benefit from the improved signal quality. The generated in-line, real-time data can be used to optimize the process. Advantages arise in terms of: yield, quality, resource utilization, personnel costs, ...

Time-consuming sampling - as currently used for process control - is no longer necessary.

sonicwipe & sonicclean use ultrasound to keep probes and sensors in liquids clean. Sensitive surfaces that are in direct contact with industrial liquids often get dirty and then tend to provide falsified measurement results. This leads to suboptimal process control. Manual cleaning of the sensors is in many cases time-consuming and can, under certain circumstances, necessitate a production standstill. sonicclean & sonicwipe clean the measurement windows continuously and automatically. The sensors remain directly in the process and do not need to be removed for cleaning. The use of sonicwipe & sonicclean offers advantages in terms of continuous, unaltered data and thus optimized process control. In addition, process downtimes are minimized, and personnel costs are reduced. sonicwipe & sonicclean can be used for cleaning various probes and sensors.

soniccatch and sonicwipe can be combined and contribute to optimized process control and the reduction of production costs.

Fields of application are among others: Biotech, Chemical Production, Pharma, F&B, Research & Development, Wastewater Treatment etc.

About usePAT:

The foundation of usePAT GmbH was preceded by more than 15 years of intensive, international research activities. At the beginning of 2018, the company was founded by the 4 founders Dr. Stefan Radel (technical managing director), Mag. Georg Heinz (economic managing director), Dr. Christoph Gasser and Stefan Tauber as a spin-off of the Vienna University of Technology. usePAT participated in the two incubators INiTS and TUW i²ncubator and currently works with 9 employees on the internationalisation of the activities.

The team around the 4 founders is extremely interdisciplinary. They range from physicists and ultrasound specialists, chemists, process engineers and spectroscopy specialists, to mechanical engineers, mechatronics engineers, biotechnologists, business economists and sales experts. Considering the graduation rate of technical universities, we are particularly proud that more women than men are employed at usePAT.

Regarding the application of ultrasound to improve industrial in-line measurement technology in liquids, usePAT sees itself as a "360° agency".

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