TissueGnostics technology significantly contributes to phase I study published in Nature

In this publication a highly successful new treatment method for psoriasis is introduced. The TissueFAXS technology plays a central role in the observer-independent data acquisition performed for the phase I trial.

The study has been managed by the University Clinic of Dermatology, Medical University of Vienna, Dr. Tamara Kopp, Dr. Elisabeth Riedl and Dr. Christine Bangert – an experienced team with many years of expertise in the practical use of TissueFAXS analyses from TissueGnostics. International co-authors are based at the Orlando Clinical Research Center, Florida, and the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co, New Jersey, USA.

This publication in Nature is a great example for how analysis instruments and software from TissueGnostics GmbH contribute to significantly advance clinical research. By this, our technologies foster the development of new and more efficient therapeutical approaches. By this, technologies and research results made in Vienna help millions of patients worldwide.

We congratulate the authors of the study to their excellent work and their top publication!

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