The Antibody Lab: Reliable mammalian cell expression system for bioproduction covered in Biopharma Dealmakers

The Antibody Lab has launched its proprietary BESTcellTM mammalian cell expression system. The new technology allows generating high productivity clones for customers in a very short time: It only takes 3 weeks from transfection to isolated high productivity clones.

The BAC-based Expression System Technology in mammalian cells (BESTcellTM) utilizes a stable chromosomal region with an active gene environment, rather than specified simple genetic elements. For molecular cloning the company uses Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) vectors encompassing a full locus of a mammalian transcription hotspot comprising all chromatin and gene regulatory elements further enhanced by a strong promoter. Multiple and stable integration of these 200kb large loci into host chromosomes results in extremely high product yield and titer (until now up to 100 pcd). The technique can be used for expression of complex glycoproteins and monoclonal antibodies in e.g. CHO or HEK cells. Even with difficult to express proteins, the company routinely observes 10 fold higher specific productivity as compared to conventional systems in small scale production and after upscaling in a bioreactor, respectively.

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About The Antibody Lab
The Antibody Lab GmbH is a private biotechnology company with proprietary antibody engineering and protein expression technologies. The company follows a B2B business model, developing immunoassays and preclinical biologics for its partners and customers. The Antibody Lab’s research projects focus on antibodies and vaccines for human and veterinary medicine. The Antibody Lab is financed by its founders and by a revenue stream from existing partnerships with various life science companies. Some of its R&D projects are supported by grants from Austrian (FFG, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, aws) and European public agencies.

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