TAmiRNA partners with Biomedica to open up international markets

TAmiRNA has signed an exclusive agreement with the Austrian-based Biomedica Gruppe conferring worldwide distribution rights to TAmiRNA´s osteomiR™ test and CRO Services.

Biomedica is a globally-acting distribution company and a provider of a unique portfolio of proprietary high quality biomarker ELISAs for clinical research of cardiovascular diseases, bone metabolism, and nephrology.

Together, Biomedica and TAmiRNA aim to increase the reach of sales and distribution of the osteomiR™ kit and CRO services across Central and Eastern European (CEE) and Switzerland, where Biomedica has established a strong sales network through its local subsidiaries.

The partnership with Biomedica will give TAmiRNA the opportunity to extend their reach into the US market and worldwide using Biomedica’s distribution platform for their biomarker immunoassays.

More information: www.bmgrp.com/home/

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