Sanofi group company Origimm Biotechnology initiates First-in-Human trial with acne vulgaris vaccine candidate

We are proud to announce the start of First-In-Human clinical trial of acne vulgaris vaccine, which is the major milestone for Origimm in bringing to clinical trial a world-wide first vaccine candidate against the bacteria involved in pathogenesis of acne. Origimm has been acquired by Sanofi recently.

Origimm, an Austrian biotech company specializing in discovering the origins of the protective immune response for the development of breakthrough therapies, that has been acquired by Sanofi recently, initiated the start of its First-In-Human clinical trial of acne vulgaris vaccine:

The study will evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of the acne vulgaris vaccine in up to 60 subjects at different dose levels and utilizing two administration routes.

The trial follows successful completion of preclinical research and several acne clinical research studies, which provided key insights into microbiome-driven skin pathology and demonstrated promising data for vaccine-based treatment concept.

The start of this Phase I/IIa study is the major milestone for Origimm towards developing a new treatment for Acne Vulgaris, which affects almost 10 % of the world population. Despite being one of the most prevalent diseases worldwide, the most widely used treatments in acne have changed little in the past 30 years. With its new treatment paradigm, exclusively targeting C. acnes, Origimm aims to address an unmet medical need of patients suffering from acne vulgaris.

Sanofi acquired Origimm Biotechnology GmbH on December 1, 2021

With this acquisition, Sanofi continues executing its global Play to Win strategy, pursuing growth opportunities and building an industry-leading vaccines pipeline. “We are looking forward to combining our expertise and strengths to continue developing innovative solutions for prevention and treatment of the skin microbiome-associated diseases, such as common acne” says Sanja Selak, PhD, Founder & CEO/CSO of Origimm. “Together with such a strong partner like Sanofi, we will strive to creating a paradigm shift in treatment of skin diseases and many other microbiome-associated disorders and infections, for which current medical solutions are inadequate.” Origimm is continuing its operations in Vienna.

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