Photonic to enter new business sector: Photobiomodulation

Photonic is using its expertise in medical and optical technologies to gain a foothold in the future market of photobiomodulation.

It is no secret that light plays an important role in the fight against cancer today. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is successfully used to treat skin cancer or other tumours in places which are difficult to access. This method, which is based on the combination of physical and chemical principles, allows for precise destruction of cancer cells while leaving healthy tissue unscathed. „PDT has a great potential in controlling antibiotic-resistant germs. This relates both to the elimination of germs in wounds and to the disinfection of surfaces in health centres, industrial installations and production sites“, explains Joachim Enengl, Business Developer at Photonic.

The second large market of the future is phototherapy, where light can achieve its effects without adjuvants. „Such treatments are applied in inflammation-based diseases. These can range from Alzheimer‘s to toothache“, says Enengl. Since the beginning of this year, Photonic has been focusing on these two areas, combined under the term „photobiomodulation“. „We will expand the already existing diversity of lighting systems to include applications in which light has a biophysical effect on organisms“, Enengl reveals. Photonic is currently looking for partners for cooperative development projects in specific areas. The first functional samples are already being manufactured, e.g. for the sterilisation of multi-resistant bacteria. One of the company‘s potential in-house developments also touches upon the issue of neonatal jaundice.

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Joachim Enengl
Business Development
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