New LISA VR Executive Board member

As of March 2007 Eva Czernohorszky represents Vienna's Centre for Innovation and Technology (ZIT) at LISA VR's Executive Board.

She studied political science in Salzburg and Vienna. After scientific projects on behalf of the Austrian Ministry for Education, Science and Culture, the University of Vienna, the Austrian Parliament and Sunwork Association she started working for Vienna's Centre for Innovation and Technology in 2003 where she contributed to the design and execution of funding programs and was in charge of Viennese competence and start-up centres. From 2006 Eva Czernohorszky has been establishing a service department at ZIT which offers custom-tailored support and consulting for Vienna-based companies to complete funding and real estate activities of ZIT. LISA VR's 5 year track record serves as a good practice model in this regard. In her role as member of LISA VR's executive board Eva Czernohorszky is responsible for strategic and operational issues together with Michaela Fritz.

Eva Czernohorszky Edeltraud Stiftinger, Executive Board member since the foundation of LISA VR in 2002 moved to Siemens AG. As head of the Corporate Innovation Centre of Siemens Austria she will stay connected with innovation and technology issues.

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