mySugr® announces the integration of the NovoPen® 6 and NovoPen Echo® Plus into the mySugr Logbook

● The connection of the Novo Nordisk® smart insulin pens with the mySugr Logbook is now available on iOS in the first country Sweden, with more markets to follow.

● Bringing data together and setting it into context provides patients and healthcare professionals with a broader picture of the individual diabetes therapy and aims to support its optimization.

● This new experience marks a significant milestone for mySugr and Roche’s vision of integrated Personalised Diabetes Management (iPDM).

Today mySugr announced the integration of the Novo Nordisk NovoPen 6® and NovoPen Echo® Plus into the mySugr Logbook on iOS. The integration follows the collaboration agreement signed between Roche and Novo Nordisk in 2019. Users can record and track their smart insulin pen data via Near Field Communication (NFC) in the mySugr app, and combine it with blood glucose values, activities, meals and other relevant diabetes data. The solution is currently available in Sweden and will be launched in more countries in the coming months.

Users can connect multiple Novo Nordisk smart insulin pens to the mySugr Logbook and create comprehensive reports of their diabetes data. The accurate logging and documentation of injections provides healthcare professionals with insights into the everyday therapy management and decision-making process of their patients.

“Connecting the Novo Nordisk smart insulin pens with our mySugr app marks an importantstep on our way to offer a truly open ecosystem”,says Jörg Hölzing, Managing Director of mySugr and Head of Strategy and Customer Solutions at Roche Diabetes Care. “Our vision isto help people everywhere in the world manage their diabetes better - irrespective of the brand of their solutions. We enable both people with diabetes and healthcare professionalsto make better treatment decisions based on data points gathered by devicesthat are connected to our open ecosystem. By integrating the NovoPen 6® and NovoPen Echo® Plusinto mySugr, we improve the quality of patient-physician interaction and support a more holistic and personalized view on therapy outcomes."

About mySugr

Founded in 2012 in Vienna, Austria, mySugr is a digital health company that aims to simplify life with diabetes. mySugr gives people with diabetes the tools, know-how, and confidence to manage their diabetes therapy and health outcomes, making it quick and easy to collect relevant therapy data in one place through a growing number of connected devices, integrations, and manual entry. Available in 79 countries and 24 languages, mySugr has more than three million registered users and an average 4.6 star rating in the App and Google Play Store. The mySugr Logbook as well as the mySugr Bolus Calculator are both medical devices in the EU. mySugr joined the Roche Diabetes Care family in 2017, a global leader in integrated Personalised Diabetes Management (iPDM). For more information, please visit and .

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