mySugr industry news: Approaching new markets

mySugr reports the integration of Medtronic CareLink data, availability of Roche integration in Canada and a strong performance at Merck’s Be-well-Challenge. The company is available at numerous diabetes events worldwide these days.

mySugr integrates Medtronic CareLink data
mySugr is proud to team up with market leader Medtronic to integrate pump and CGM data into mySugr. Users worldwide will soon be able to automatically import their CareLink® data into the mySugr app.

This is a meaningful enhancement for mySugr coaches, and healthcare professionals everywhere, providing an even more accurate and complete picture of their patients’ data in mySugr.

mySugr amongst finalists at Merck's Be-well-Challenge
We are honored to be recognized in the top 8 startups (of 400) in this week's challenge hosted by Merck in New Jersey. Together we hope to drive innovation.

Roche integration now available in Canada
More than 3 Million Canadians live with diabetes and this number will grow by a staggering 40% by 2025 according to the Canadian Diabetes Association. We are making life easier for some of them by pairing Roche’s Accu-Chek® Meter with the mySugr app. The Roche integration is now available in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Canada and soon in the US.

mySugr Coaching - a definitive win!
Test Guess and Go-Blogger Laddie Lindahl, pioneering user of our most recent product feature, mySugr Coaching, shared her feedback: "It feels like sitting next to my coach even though we're just communicating on my smartphone. I improved my regimen and have been rewarded with more predictable blood sugars."

Holidays disrupt diabetes routines
Holidays can be stressful for people with diabetes and often change normal routines. mySugr looked at data comparing holiday-numbers to non-holiday numbers which indicated more BG testing, increased carb intake and higher BG levels. The good news is our users also seem more engaged during the holiday season and adjust accordingly.

About mySugr
We specialize in app-based, all-around care for people with diabetes – made by people with diabetes. Our apps and services are mutually compatible solutions to ease the daily grind of diabetes. In short, we make diabetes suck less! We’re a startup that was founded in 2012 in Vienna, Austria. Today, nearly 40 of us work at mySugr, and we’re thrilled to be making life better for you. Among our backers are the Austrian Economic Service (a national development and financing bank), business angel Hansi Hansmann, XLHEALTH, Roche Venture Fund, and iSeed Ventures.

Meet us worldwide
Diabetes Technology Meeting, Bethesda, MD, November 10-12
Fredrik Debong will be co-presenting our most recent data insights alongside our colleagues at the Profil Institute for Clinical Research at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center. Take a look at poster #15 or be part of the presentation on Friday, Nov 11 at 4pm.

DDG Diabetes Herbsttagung, Nuremberg, November 11-12
Get the latest product features and meet Gabriel Enczmann and the awesome mySugr team at booth #32 at this fall's event. We are co-exhibiting with our partners Beurer and Novo Nordisk. Expect some fun!

Frontiers of Health, Berlin, November 17
Even medical devices can offer a beautiful user experience. Fredrik Debong will tell you the secret about how to build impact and support patients through medically certified digital health solutions. See his talk at the Frontiers Health in Berlin.

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