Milan Design Week Exhibition by Pinkponilo and Vienna Textile Lab

Biowoolness. A European bio-color creation lab.

The awarded WORTH Partnership Project II is a partnership between Pinkponilo and Vienna Textile Lab.

This initiative is dedicated to crafting a garment prototype that champions the principles of circular economy, longevity, and using responsibly sourced European wool. Emphasizing the utilization of microbial dyes and the creation of modular, gender-neutral clothing, the project revolutionizes the fashion landscape. Extensive research forms the backbone of this endeavor, encompassing exploration into wool markets, origins, contemporary design roles, sustainability practices, and animal welfare considerations.

The Milan Design Week Exhibition, presented by Pinkponilo and Vienna Textile Lab, highlights a collaborative endeavor known as the Biowoolness project. The fashion design and biotech teams possess extensive knowledge of regional natural materials and their potential for coloring applications. As part of the Isola Design Festival Biowoolness was presented in the heart of Milan.

Central to the project’s ethos is the study of natural wool colors, their inherent benefits for skin health, and a steadfast commitment to upholding animal rights throughout production.

Can sheep and bacteria be friends?

This may sound strange initially, but explained further, it’s a well-functioning relationship.

Wool is an ancient fibre that has become undervalued and microbial dyes and pigments belong to the new era of biobased materials. The combination of both is our way to revive the tradition and the value of wool with innovative materials.

Biowoolness Pinkponilo x Vienna Textile Lab – Copyright Karin Fleck

Why is that?

The Biowoolness project aims to create a garment prototype that supports circular economy, through circular design that enables an increase in its life and length use. Pinkponilo Studio and Vienna Textile Lab as a team worked together for more than a year to create beautiful, natural-based color and fashion solutions for the future.

What are we using?

The project focuses on the application of novel microbial dyes and pigments on responsibly sourced wool and the creation of a modular and adaptable garment design, which is gender-neutral to increase its usability throughout its life.

And the last question is how?

We have researched wool markets, the origins of wool use, and the role of wool in contemporary design, including sustainability factors and mass industry issues. We looked at different natural colors of wool from white to black and studied its health benefits for the skin. Animal rights are important to us, so we did extensive research. Another wing of our research was on color psychology, trends, and gender-neutral clothing to understand emotional effects and choose soft, soothing colors and fabrics for well-being.

We tackle the further Sustainable Development Goals with our project: 5 – gender equality, 9 – industry, innovation and infrastructure, 12 – responsible consumption and production, 14 – life below water.

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The awarded application for the second round of WORTH Partnership Project II.

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