MedUni Vienna: Cancer: the more you know, the better you deal with it

Cancer: the more you know, the better you deal with it

In all illnesses, successful treatment depends to some extent to how well-informed patients are, how well they understand their treatment and how well they comply with it. The Cancer School CCC Vienna run by the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) of MedUni Vienna and Vienna General Hospital is an educational project to provide cancer patients and their families with comprehensive and easy-to-understand information about all aspects of the disease. Once again, it will be run free of charge in the autumn of 2020 at MedUni Vienna and Vienna General Hospital: live from 7 October and, due to the pandemic, also streamed on YouTube. Registration is now open.

Information is important but without research, there can be no advances in treatment. Anyone who wants to support cancer research can take part in MedUni Vienna's Cancer Research Run on 3 October, which, this year, will be a "Distant Running" event.

More knowledge, better quality-of-life

Patients are more likely to take their oral cancer drugs more regularly and stick to the treatment intervals for chemotherapy drips, if they understand exactly why this treatment has been prescribed and how it works. This means that they are more likely to take the correct dose of the drug with the necessary regularity, which clearly has an important impact upon its efficacy but also improves their quality-of-life. "This is why I think there is an urgent need for valuable projects such as the Cancer School CCC Vienna, which empower patients by improving their understanding of the disease," says Ulrich Jäger, Head of the Division of Hematology and Hemastasology and member of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre of MedUni Vienna and Vienna General Hospital. The training format provides the very latest, evidenced-based information about cancer, thereby giving patients the wherewithal to ask the treatment team about the key issues.

Information & registration:

Participation in trials recommended

Jäger also recommends that patients and their relatives ask the treating doctors about the latest treatments and also about the possibility of taking part in ongoing trials. Says Jäger: "Numerous studies have shown that cancer patients who take part in trials have better treatment outcomes than routine patients. This is due to access to the latest drugs and also to the fact that they are in much closer communication with the treating team." He refers people to the CCC's trial register, which provides an up-to-date list of cancer studies that are being conducted at MedUni Vienna:

Supporting cancer research and sponsoring and participating in the Cancer Research Run

The central component of any treatment is, of course, the drugs and knowledge of how and in what combination they work most effectively. This know-how can only be built up through relentless research work. Anyone who wants to actively support cancer research at MedUni Vienna can do so at any time. And one opportunity to do so is MedUni Vienna's Cancer Research Run on 3 October 2020.

Due to the coronavirus, this year's run will take place between 10:00 and 14:00 hrs under the slogan "The running track is anywhere and everywhere". A communal running event on the running circuit on the Old General Hospital University Campus will not be possible on 3 October 2020, and so the run to support MedUni Vienna's cancer research projects will take place as a "Distant Running" event. There is no central route, so all participants are invited to run or walk wherever they like between 10:00 and 14:00 hrs and post videos or photos on Facebook using the hashtag #krebsforschungslauf.

You can register at: 

Cancer School CCC Vienna

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Once you have successfully registered, we will allocate you a seat in the lecture theatre or send you a link to the stream on YouTube.     

Cancer Research Run

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Run wherever you like and post your photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook.

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