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We highlight interesting news from Arkeon, Boehringer Ingelheim, contextflow, Evercyte, Hookipa Pharma, IVI, MedUni Vienna, Promega, Ribbon Biolabs, Takeda, TAmiRNA, QMD Services, Valneva and Zeiss. Numerous other news of the past weeks can be found in our news section.

In addition, we inform you about new funding opportunities at aws, FFG, EIC, EIT Health, Horizon Europe, the Vienna Business Agency and events. Additionally, you will find links to short news from Brightmind.AI, Flinn Comply, GPMed, IMBA, IMP, piur imaging, Revo Foods, Sumetzberger, Vienna Textil Lab and WKO in the newsletter. Please also note the many positions advertised in sector - LISAvienna also currently has a position to fill.

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