LISAvienna: IN3 EuroMedTech 2015

From June 10 to 11, 2015, the IN3 EuroMedTech took place, for the first time in Vienna.

After EuroMedTech was present in Linz as a guest last year, it was merged with the IN3 investor conference this year and once again brought to Austria. LISAvienna was the host sponsor in this. 130 businessmen and investors from 17 countries, of which 20 participants are from Austria, convened at the Marriot Hotel am Parkring in Vienna for exciting presentations and two-day partnering.

The importance of investments in the field of high technology, particularly medical technology, was already shown in LISAvienna CEO Peter Halwachs’ welcoming address and the subsequent keynote presentation by Renaat Vemeulen, President of BIOMET.

In addition to presentations and one-on-one meetings, company presentations were also held. Participants were impressed by the quality and multitude of investors. This view was echoed, for instance, by Georg Mach, who presented the advances at CVTec Cerebrovascular Technologies GmbH, and said: “It was important for us to present to as many investors as possible and to speak with as many potential collaboration partners as possible. It is, above all, advantageous for future financing rounds to keep investors informed about advances in the company and in technology.”

In addition to presentations from businessmen, investors also introduced themselves in presentations that were similar to a pitch. This unusual role reversal was very well-received by companies, since this allowed to identify potentially-suitable investment options much more quickly.
At the end of the second event day, LISAvienna sent an invitation to the closing reception at the Kursalon Hübner. Even more contacts were able to be made here whilst enjoying a view of the Stadtpark and a relaxing atmosphere.

LISAvienna used the conference to maintain contact with Viennese companies, familiarize itself with new international projects and companies, strengthen the platform’s investment network, and learn more about the newest challenges and trends in the medical technology sector worldwide. The partnering conference principle has now become an indispensable part of the biotechnology sector. Over 3,000 participants were therefore represented at the 2013 Bio Europe in Vienna. The opportunities offered by such a format are increasingly being recognized in the heterogeneous medical technology sector. This is why LISAvienna will also utilize such events in the future to talk with local and international key persons in a simple and targeted manner and cultivate these contacts.

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