LISAvienna: Debut in Taiwan and Southern China

LISAvienna oversaw an economic mission to Taipei, Shenzhen and Guangzhou from August 28 to September 2, 2016. Under the leadership of Walter Ruck, President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Viennese companies and research institutions established new international contacts with partners in Taiwan and southern China.

Asia’s booming markets offer many opportunities for Viennese companies, particularly in biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry and medical products. Enormous population growth and large social developments have caused demand for medical products to multiply. Even the number of potential development partners and investors in China is growing. At the same time, a significant political awareness for economic significance of life sciences can be seen and numerous investments are being made – from high-tech incubators to enormous investment programs and special legal arrangements. For a long time already, the goal has not been solely to provide its own population with modern products. On the contrary, the measures are intended to create long-term added value in the respective country and to be a competitive force the APAC region. The fact that the international network must be a match for this goes without saying. The Austrian delegation was warmly welcomed, which was to the benefit of the following organizations:

Large Dynamic in Taiwan
The economic delegation of the Austrian Foreign Trade Office had prepared an exciting program for Taiwan, which made the first Viennese life sciences delegation trip to this country a full success. The dialog partners were well-versed in international communication and impressed overall with their high level of professionalism at B2B meetings, brief presentations and in informal exchanges. The political priority that the life sciences industry in Taiwan enjoys is apparent in the presence of the Deputy Ministers for Science and Economy. They, along with the companies and associations with which contacts were established during the delegation trip, expressed a great deal of interest in a return visit to Austria. New projects for collaboration are already apparent in the service and diagnostics field. The networks of AOP Orphan and Tube Pharmaceuticals, whose Taiwanese partners met the delegation, also served as an ice breaker. There is much to be learned from good experiences. The exchange with managers of the Taiwanese business from two world leaders in pharmaceutical and medical technology was very encouraging, too.

Southern China: Shenzhen and Guangzhou
Classic biotechnology has been deemed a long tradition in China. As early as 7000 B.C., fermented drinks were made and 900 years ago, live vaccines were purported to have been used against chicken pox. Nowadays, Beijing and Shanghai in particular are known for ultra-modern research institutions and life sciences companies. In addition to producing biosimilars and a booming diagnostics division, specialists in preclinical and clinical product developments have been characterizing the image along with a comprehensive stem cell and gene therapy community. Now, for the first time, southern China was the focus of a life sciences economic mission from Vienna. The trip first proceeded through Hong Kong into nearby Shenzhen, which has the nickname of “factory of the world”. This planned community in the Pearl River delta is purported to have China’s highest per-capita income and benefits from its status as a special economic zone. In Shenzhen, the delegation was delighted by a visit from Peter Schintlmeister, Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) and current Director of the Office for Science and Technology at the Austrian embassy in Beijing. Additional highlights included visits to one of the most renowned centers for DNA analysis worldwide and to China’s largest medical technology manufacturer. In the metropolis of Guangzhou, meetings with a leading institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences along with general lectures by business associations and authorities were the main focus.

A news report from the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and an announcement from the Austrian Embassy in Beijing provide additional background information and insights.

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