LISAvienna event tip for ViennaUP’21: BI Office Hours on May 11, 2021

In collaboration with LISAvienna, Boehringer Ingelheim runs this initiative to tighten interactions with the regional biomedical community. This event is part of ViennaUP’21.

Championing Early-Stage Bio-Entrepreneurs

Boehringer Ingelheim knows what it takes to be innovative and entrepreneurial. From the small factory in 1885 to today’s multi-billion-dollar global organization, we know how important it is to nurture and develop young science and technology businesses.

Our personalized Boehringer Ingelheim Office Hours initiative is designed to support the next generation of biotech start-ups and entrepreneurs.

A Pioneering Mentoring Initiative

Boehringer Ingelheim Office Hours offers small companies and entrepreneurs individual attention in an informal ‘office hours’ atmosphere. Designed as a consultative ‘round table’ meeting, this pioneering mentoring initiative ‘lifts the lid’ on how big pharma works and provides access to expertise, an industry perspective and feedback to emerging life-science businesses.

Access to expertise

  • Research & preclinical development
  • Biology & Chemistry
  • Medicine (Clinical development)
  • Pipeline management & marketing
  • Business development

How Boehringer Ingelheim Office Hours Works

In advance of your personalized one-hour session, participants are invited to submit some non-confidential background information about their technology and up to five questions regarding their programs and company. This helps us get a better understanding of your company so we can answer your questions more effectively. Senior professionals from Boehringer Ingelheim will tailor a brainstorming session to focus on your company’s interests, and address topics such as pre-clinical and clinical development, research strategy, business development and commercial potential.

Apply for an online meeting slot on May 11 (9-17) by April 19, 2021

In preparation for our discussion please kindly provide the BI Team with:

  • An executive summary and/or,
  • A short presentation (no more than 10 slides) outlining your technology, main features, problems it solves and any supportive scientific data
  • Please include 5 key questions you would like to have answered during our brainstorming session

All information submitted must be non-confidential and provided four weeks in advance of the event.  We meet with only 5 companies in a day, with the intent of having a one-on-one informal conversation. Since starting this program in 2015, Boehringer Ingelheim has coached >250 companies (in Boston, San Diego, UK and Vienna), all with very positive feedback.

Please let us know if you are interested in participating, we will be happy to meet you.

Dr. Guido Boehmelt
Research Beyond Borders
Boehringer Ingelheim RCV

Dr. Maria Antonietta Impagnatiello
Business Development & Licensing
Boehringer Ingelheim RCV

About ViennaUP'21

ViennaUP’21 is an international mega-event, which will take place in April/May 2021. It will be created by Vienna’s diverse and fast-growing startup community to bring together the people who are shaping the future of business and technology. All sessions will take place online.

ViennaUP is an initiative of the Vienna Business Agency and will be brought to life by a multitude of program partners.

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