Lexogen Launches a Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

Lexogen has expanded their portfolio of RNA-Seq sample preparation kits by introducing the new Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit for Illumina sequencing.

Benefit from

  • Ready-to-sequence libraries in less than 5 hours.
  • Wide input range from 50 pg to 1,000 ng RNA.
  • Optimal protocol for low RNA content samples such as plasma, serum, and urine.
  • Cost-saving sequencing by multiplexing of up to 96 samples.
  • Various kit sizes (8, 24, 96 preps), supporting experiments of any scale.
  • Gel-free user-friendly workflow.
  • All-in-one kit, including magnetic beads for size selection.

Learn more about the Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit.

Complete Solution for Small RNA-Seq Sample Prep
The Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit can be conveniently bundled with Lexogen's SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit, which enables fast and highly efficient extraction of RNA that is free of genomic DNA contamination. The RNA can be recovered as total RNA or split into two fractions, large RNA and small RNA, and efficiently captures miRNA and siRNA (Figure 2). The purified RNA is ideal input for the new Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit, which generates small RNA libraries for Illumina sequencing directly from total RNA or enriched small RNA.

Learn more about the SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit.

Get a discount on the SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit when ordering the new Small RNA-Seq Kit before September 15, 2017!*

Get 25% off on SPLIT when ordering the 8 prep Small RNA-Seq kit, 50% off on SPLIT when ordering the 24 prep kit, and get SPLIT for FREE when ordering the 96 prep kit.

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