LactoSens®R receives AOAC Official Method of Analysis Final Action Status

LactoSens®R, a method for determining low levels of lactose in dairy products, has achieved a significant milestone by receiving AOAC Official Method of Analysis (OMA) Final Action Status. This recognition from AOAC International is a testament to the method’s reliability, accuracy, and suitability for determining low levels of lactose in dairy products.

Since 2016 LactoSens® has been established as an industry-leading rapid method for quality control and product development, offering fast results and low detection levels of 0.008% lactose. In 2018, LactoSens®R received the NordVal International Certificate, highlighting its performance and reliability. 

Subsequently, in early 2023, it was granted Official Method of Analysis (OMA) Final Action Status by AOAC International, a renowned scientific organization. To receive this certification, an extensive multilaboratory validation study was conducted in 2022. The study involved 15 laboratories from seven countries, representing academia, public health authorities, analytical service laboratories, enzyme producers, and dairies. A range of validation materials, including UHT milks, yogurts, flavored milk drinks, iced coffee, and infant formulas, were tested. The data from the collaborative study met the AOAC acceptance criteria for repeatability and reproducibility, as defined in the SMPR 2018.009. SMPR202018_009.pdf ( 

The comprehensive study, titled “Determination of Lactose in Lactose-free and Low-lactose Milk, Milk Products, and Products Containing Dairy Ingredients by the LactoSens®R Amperometry Method: Final Action 2020.01,” will be published in the Journal of AOAC in the coming months. 

The development of LactoSens®R was driven by the need to accurately measure trace levels of lactose, a technically challenging task that often requires complex and time-consuming methods such as high-performance anion exchange chromatography. By providing a fast and easy alternative, LactoSens®R offers dairy producers a cost-effective solution that minimizes testing time and preserves the shelf life of their products. 

We express our gratitude to all the participants and collaborators involved in the multilaboratory validation study of LactoSens®R. Their contributions were instrumental in the success of the study and the validation of the method. The expertise and dedication of the Expert Review Panel on low lactose methods, as well as the support of the AOAC staff, are acknowledged and greatly appreciated. 

Special recognition is given to the DirectSens team for their unwavering commitment to maintaining high product quality and continuously seeking innovative solutions.

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