Kapsch: Mobile ward trolley with integrated video conferencing solution at the hospital management convention

The Mobile Care Assistant with video conferencing function and integrated PC workstation supports efficient processes in daily hospital routine 

Kapsch BusinessCom has developed an innovative ward trolley which will significantly lighten the workload in daily hospital routine. The certified medical equipment includes an integrated video conferencing system which allows experts to be consulted during ward rounds, as well as a fully-fledged PC, electronically-controlled medication dispenser, and cable-free mobility. This flexible, multifunctional workstation on wheels will be presented at the 57th hospital management convention being held in Vienna from May 12 - 14, 2014.
The motto of this year’s convention is “the hospital workplace: infarct or innovation?” Thomas Brezina, Sales Director for Health & Social Care at Kapsch BusinessCom, is convinced that technical innovations can help counteract system infarcts, or blockages: “We have examined the hospital workflows very carefully and, on the basis of our findings, have developed a solution which combines many functions in a single, compact piece of equipment. This contributes to reducing both costs as well as work and management efforts.”
Mobile and fully networked
The Kapsch Mobile Care Assistant can be easily integrated into hospital IT systems, offering rapid, mobile access to the data and findings needed during a ward round. This is largely a paper-free process, which also contributes to minimizing errors. The integrated video conferencing system allows experts to be involved at all times and in full HD quality. The trolley has a modular construction and can be adapted to fit to a wide range of circumstances. It is height-adjustable, can be used either sitting or standing, and provides sufficient space for holding diagnostic equipment and the safe storage of medication and other utensils.

Certified as medical equipment
Kapsch developed the universal workstation for hospitals together with Dutch manufacturer Alphatron. Monitor, keyboard, and mouse are certified for medical application and therefore ideal for use in the hospital environment.

Further e-health applications from Kapsch
Kapsch will also be presenting new telemedicine applications for tablets at its convention stand. These have been developed especially for the long-term, ambulant treatment of the chronically ill at home. Mobile solutions such as these can also help patients suffering from illnesses with high relapse rates (e.g. burnout) to return to their familiar surroundings more quickly, whilst still remaining intensively cared for when at home.
The 57th hospital management convention is being held in the Aula der Wissenschaften (Hall of Sciences) in Vienna from May 12 - 14, 2014. More information is available at www.krankenhaus-management2014.at.

Kapsch BusinessCom
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