IMBA: “The Scientist” votes IMBA second to top international workplace

The annual Best Places to Work Survey as chosen by readers of The Scientist magazine, identifies IMBA as second to top international workplace for postdoctoral researchers.

The US based life sciences magazine, The Scientist, has run its survey for the last ten years, asking readers to identify the top US and international institutes as chosen by research scientists. The 2012 results reveal that institutes in Vienna, Austria take two of the top five rankings, IMBA coming second out of the international research institutes.

The journal's readers cast their votes according to criteria like quality of training, career advancement opportunities and pay, as well as soft criteria like support in work-life balance. IMBA has a lot to offer in every category. Josef Penninger, scientific director at IMBA, said, "Post-doctoral work is a sensitive phase. Researchers need to be successful not only in scientific matters, but also need to learn how to manage their own laboratories. IMBA offers a special training program to teach candidates how to write for scientific journals, apply successfully for grants, and above all: develop leadership skills."

"Doing post-doctoral work at the right place sets the course for a scientist's entire career," said Josef Penninger. "Some of our former post-doctoral researchers have gone on to a textbook career after completing training with us." One of them is Greg Neely, a Canadian national who conducted research into pain in Josef Penninger's laboratory. Neely has been granted more than four million Australian dollars and appointed head of his own research group at Garvan Institute, one of Australia's biggest institutes for biomedicine.

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