haplogen: Cyclenium Pharma and Haplogen Announce Drug Discovery Collaboration

Cyclenium Pharma Inc., an emerging pharmaceutical company specializing in the research and development of novel drug candidates based on its proprietary macrocyclic chemistry technology, and Haplogen GmbH, a biotechnology company developing anti-infective drugs, today announced the signing of a research agreement aimed at the discovery of novel pharmaceutical candidates in multiple disease areas.

The collaboration brings together two next generation drug discovery platforms: Cyclenium’s CMRT™ Technology-derived QUEST Library™ and associated hit-to-lead optimization expertise with Haplogen’s unique haploid genetics technology and expertise in host target identification, validation and screening. The companies will initially focus on certain anti-viral Haplogen targets, with targets in other therapeutic indications being phased-in as the research progresses. For Cyclenium, this is the fifth discovery collaboration established over the past year. “We are extremely excited about the potential of this research collaboration with Haplogen, the leader in applying cutting-edge haploid genetics technology for drug discovery,” stated Helmut Thomas, Ph.D., President & CEO of Cyclenium Pharma. “It was immediately apparent to us that Haplogen’s proven expertise and success in identifying and characterizing novel host factors together with our proprietary CMRT™ macrocyclic chemistry technology would be a powerful combination for the discovery and development of new therapeutic agents.” “Cyclenium’s proprietary macrocyclic library appears ideal for use against the challenging anti-viral and other targets identified using our haploid genetics platform,” stated Georg Casari, Ph.D., CEO of Haplogen. “We look forward to working with their experienced and successful research team in progressing our drug discovery programs.”

About Cyclenium Pharma Inc.
Cyclenium Pharma is an emerging, privately-held pharmaceutical research and development company exploiting its proprietary next generation CMRT™ macrocyclic drug discovery technology for the discovery and development of novel small molecule therapeutic agents to address areas of unsatisfied medical need. Cyclenium is creating value through progression of internal programs in oncology, infectious diseases and inflammation/pain. In addition Cyclenium is providing its extensive experience and exploring its CMRT-based QUESTscreening library in risk-sharing partnerships with leading academic and research drivennon-profit organizations as well as collaborations with innovative pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies world-wide seeking to modulate unique and difficult disease targets in diverse therapeutic areas. For more information see: www.cyclenium.com.

About Haplogen GmbH
Haplogen is a privately held biotechnology company in Vienna, Austria, with drug discovery programs to combat viral infectious and other diseases. For these efforts, Haplogen employs a functional genomics platform based on haploid genetics in human cell lines. Haplogen was founded in 2010 as a spin-out of CeMM, the Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. For more information on Haplogen visit: www.haplogen.com.

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