Grapevine World is revolutionizing healthcare

Grapevine World is an international IT service provider based in Vienna. And it’s about to revolutionize healthcare. Working with the IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) – a long-running, global initiative to establish health data standards - Grapevine World is driving the worldwide interoperability of healthcare IT systems. Following last year’s launch, the next big step for Grapevine World is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), set for Q2, 2018. The ICO involves the issuance of a limited number of crypto-tokens – “GRAPEs”.

GRAPEs give their holders access to Grapevine World, a decentralized, blockchain-based ecosystem for the seamless exchange of health data. Patients get easy access to their medical data – wherever it was created, wherever it’s stored. This data can be forwarded to physicians to prevent multiple examinations, or unnecessary X-Rays. Or used to get second opinions from multiple experts across the globe. Research institutions gain unprecedented access to vast troves of data, with verifiable patient consent. Participants can choose to release their anonymized data for study – for use in clinical trials, or education – receiving GRAPEs that can then be exchanged for health services or products.

Using new technology to innovate
Grapevine world is made possible by new technology. The Ethereum blockchain it’s built on makes all processes automatic, with a fully traceable, verifiable record of all transactions. Sensitive patient data is never stored on the blockchain itself. Instead, it remains with healthcare providers, where it is covered by existing data protection measures.

Achieving end-to-end interoperability, worldwide
Grapevine’s ultimate aim is to create end-to-end health data interoperability across the globe. Achieving this goal will simplify and accelerate many processes in the Big Data environment, of immense benefit to both institutions and companies. However, Grapevine are adamant that private individuals also benefit from the digitization of the healthcare sector. The more people involved, the healthier the ecosystem. In the future, Grapevine intends to expand into other verticals, such as energy, education, automotive, finance and insurance. IHE standards are already being tested in the energy sector.

About Grapevine World and GRAPEs
Grapevine World is a multi-vendor IT service provider, and a platform for establishing the global standardization of data exchange, to simply the exchange of knowledge, data, services and products, via the use of utility tokens - GRAPEs. Grapevine’s guiding principle is “Stronger together. Collaboration for the benefit of all.” For more information, visit and

Walter Schleschitz, CMO
Tel: +43 1 376 55 92

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