Curetis Group: Ares Genetics Receives Funding Commitment For EUR 1.6 Mio. Project “The Digital Microbe”

Curetis subsidiary Ares Genetics receives funding commitment from Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) for EUR 1.6 million project „The Digital Microbe“„The Digital Microbe“ project builds on GEAR platform to develop machine learning tools to combat antibiotic resistances

Ares Genetics GmbH (Vienna, Austria), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the molecular diagnostics company Curetis GmbH (Holzgerlingen, Germany), has received notice from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) that it has been awarded a grant for a EUR 1.6 million research project. Ares Genetics received the funding commitment for its “The Digital Microbe” project, a substantial extension of its GEAR (Genetic Antibiotic Resistance & Susceptibility Database) platform for the development of novel solutions for the biopharmaceutical and diagnostics industry. The project „The Digital Microbe“ aims at developing deep machine learning tools and advanced bioinformatics algorithms for the modeling, diagnostics and prediction of antibiotic resistances. The Company will use the algorithms for the rapid development of novel commercial solutions to support medical efforts in combatting antibiotic resistances. The solutions will address molecular diagnostics in microbiology as well as inform and accelerate the development of novel drugs to combat microbial infections.

„Following the introduction of novel methods for the molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases such as next-generation sequencing (NGS), genomic information on microbes and antibiotic resistances has become more and more important,” said Dr. Andreas Posch, a Managing Director of Ares Genetics. „As pathogens and resistances are constantly evolving, it is of utmost importance to observe, analyze, monitor and anticipate these developments. Therefore, we are delighted about the support from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency in tackling antibiotic resistance and developing novel bioinformatics tools. These tools will improve the rapid diagnosis of antibiotic resistances in patients and will speed up the development of novel antimicrobials.

Dr. Achim Plum, also Managing Director of Ares Genetics and Chief Business Officer of Curetis, added: "This non-dilutive grant fromFFG allows us to advance the strategic agenda of Ares Genetics faster and to develop high-caliber offerings in particular for the pharmaceutical industry, a customer segment which is an important element for a sustainable business model of Ares Genetics."


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