CHE-Ranking: University of Vienna's biology member of the excellence group

The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) is working to develop a Ranking of Excellent European Graduate Programmes in Natural Sciences which is intended as an orientation guide for undergraduates, helping them find their way around European Higher Education while at the same time helping them to choose a suitable university for their graduate studies: Master’s and PhD.

The CHE Ranking of Excellent European Graduate Programmes in Natural Sciences (CHE ExcellenceRanking) offers students from Europe as well as from the rest of the world who are interested in research oriented programmes in natural sciences and mathematics a useful tool. The ranking helps those students close to finishing their studies or who have just graduated in finding the European higher education institution (HEI) which best fits their needs, specifically in the domain of graduate education (master’s and doctoral level).

About 250 academies in 20 European countries are examined. Faculties getting three or more silver medals are members of the Excellence Group. Within the Excellence Group Austria is represented in biology by the University of Vienna, reaching a gold medal in publications and two silver medals in citations and excellent researchers.


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