CeMM receives the Innovation Award 2023

For the third time, the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences is one of the winners of the Innovation Awards 2023 of the Austrian Society for Consumer Studies. On this occasion, CeMM has received recognition for its outstanding “Innovation Management”, and also achieved a top-5 ranking in organic chemistry and pharmaceuticals, as well as a top-10 ranking in the biotechnology field. These distinctions are a demonstration of CeMM's groundbreaking contributions to molecular medicine and healthcare.

The ÖGVS – Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien, an independent society for consumer studies in Austria, together with the business magazine "trend," presents the Innovation Awards annually. This prize acknowledges exceptional innovation performance measured by the number of patents granted to companies in Austria between January 2021 and November 2022, including data from all patent offices worldwide. This year, 318 Austrian companies have been recognized for their outstanding innovation in at least one of the 35 technology fields defined by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Austria is a country that values invention and innovation, as evidenced by the recent increase in the number of patents filed by Austrian companies with the European Patent Office (EPO) in 2022, an increase of 3.4% compared to the previous year that positions Austria in the seventh spot globally in terms of population.

CeMM recognizes the significance of protecting its intellectual property and translating its cutting-edge research to provide medical solutions to society. CeMM’s patent portfolio includes a range of inventions related to treating diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and inflammation, which demonstrate the institute's commitment to developing novel therapeutic approaches. Furthermore, CeMM has established six spin-off companies and entered into strategic partnerships with industry and pharmaceutical companies. These strategic collaborations enable the institute to access critical resources and expertise necessary to accelerate the translation of its research into commercial products. Through these partnerships, CeMM is actively engaged in developing new therapeutic modalities that have the potential to address unmet medical needs and improve patients' lives.

We thank our CeMM scientists, technologists, and scientific support staff for their unwavering dedication to producing world-class research results and innovations, and our patent attorneys at Vossius & Partner for their professional support and commitment to fostering innovation!

Technology transfer at CeMM

For further information and licensing inquiries please contact:  Prudence Donovan, IP & Technology Transfer Manager, ip(at)cemm.at 

For more information, please visit the ÖGVS website.

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