At Rapid + TCT show, Lithoz and SiNAPTIC sign major strategic deal with the purchase of 7 CeraFab S65 printers for OEM contract manufacturing and medical device production

• At the forthcoming Rapid + TCT Show, Lithoz and Colorado-based med startup SiNAPTIC will sign a major strategic partnership agreement to accelerate the growth in the North American market

• SiNAPTIC purchases 7 Lithoz CeraFab S65 printers to produce medical-grade and industrial components, becoming the leading contract manufacturer of technical ceramics on the North American continent

• Co-branding agreement for products developed by SiNAPTIC will be identified by “powered by Lithoz” label and included in the partnership deal

Lithoz, global market and innovation leader in ceramic 3D printing, and SiNAPTIC, Colorado-based additive manufacturing and medical device startup focused on 3D-printed solutions made with technical ceramics, will sign a major strategic partnership agreement including sales and marketing activities at the forthcoming Rapid + TCT show. The deal also includes the purchase of 7 Lithoz CeraFab S65 Medical printers for SiNAPTIC’s new research center in Lafayette, Colorado.

The formalized agreement is yet another example how Lithoz supports their partners by building proactive partnerships and efficiently leveraging their key technology, all the way from designing and developing first prototypes to successful establishment as industrial scale contract manufacturers.

Besides the development of their medical device products and R&D activities, SiNAPTIC will with immediate effect offer their expertise for OEM contract manufacturing on the rapidly accelerating North American market, responding to the numerous inquiries of OEMs from various industries. They will also distribute Lithoz printers, materials and software across North America. A new “SiNAPTIC powered by Lithoz” ingredient branding will be prominently placed by SiNAPTIC on their

The agreement between Lithoz and SiNAPTIC will ultimately bring new additive manufacturing solutions to a wider audience in the US, Canada, and Mexico. With many more businesses now being able to take advantage of the ground-breaking capabilities offered by technical ceramics, it will give innovators and businesses a completely new way to bring many types of new products to market faster and with significantly less risk.

SiNAPTIC is comprised of two business divisions - SiNAPTIC Technologies and SiNAPTIC Surgical, each with a different focus. SiNAPTIC Technologies provides R&D and prototyping all the way to scaled OEM manufacturing, whereas SiNAPTIC Surgical is currently undergoing FDA approval to become a fully integrated original medical device producer.

Lithoz’s Dr. Johannes Homa, PhD and SiNAPTIC’s Bryan Scheer, MD will be officially signing the agreement at this year’s Rapid + TCT Chicago, one of the world’s premier additive manufacturing trade shows, commemorating their first joint appearance as strategic partners. At the Lithoz booth #5341, SiNAPTIC will show one of their CeraFab S65 Medical 3D printers live at the event, which also marks the first ever live appearance of an S65 Medical printer at a tradeshow, alongside displaying examples of its own intricate 3D printed parts.

SiNAPTIC’s CEO Bryan Scheer, MD underlines the great mutual benefit of this strategic partnership: “By partnering with Lithoz, the experienced global leader in ceramic 3D printing, SiNAPTIC will gain access to a comprehensive range of technical ceramics, technologies, and unparalleled expertise. This partnership will allow SiNAPTIC to focus on optimizing efficiency in manufacturing and scaling production for our customers.”

For Lithoz CEO Dr. Johannes Homa, this deal will have a fruitful stimulus on both companies’ growth plans: “With SiNAPTIC we have found the right partner for the rapidly growing volume of inquiries on the North American market at exactly the right time! With the strong passion and huge momentum they bring on their mission to disrupt the medical device market with unique 3D-printed technical ceramics, we quickly came to the conclusion that they are also the right company to be a leading contract manufacturer for the many different inquiries, from prototyping to serial production, we have received from OEMs of various verticals during the last months.”

About Lithoz

Lithoz is the world and technology leader for high-performance ceramic materials and 3D printers. Founded in 2011, Lithoz is committed to breaking the boundaries of ceramic production and supporting customers in expanding the manufacturing opportunities for the ceramic industry. The company has an export share of almost 100%, almost 150 employees and 4 different sites worldwide. Since 2016, Lithoz has also been ISO 9001-2015 certified.

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Based in Lafayette, Colorado (US), SiNAPTIC is a technical ceramics additive manufacturing and medical device startup that was founded in 2022. SiNAPTIC is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of advanced ceramic materials, with a focus on leveraging the dynamic properties of technical ceramics to transform lives and industries. Founded with the vision to research, develop and produce highly refined 3D-printed ceramic products for medical as well as industrial application across multiple verticals, SiNAPTIC will provide additive contract manufacturing from rapid prototyping to commercial-scale manufacturing. This will offer innovators and businesses a completely new way to bring many types of new products to market faster and with significantly less risk. For additional information, please visit .

SiNAPTIC Contact:

Lisa Marie Del Re

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