AOP Orphan and Amomed Pharma announce the launch of RAPIBLOC® (Landiolol) in Germany and Austria

AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG (AOP Orphan) today announced that RAPIBLOC® (Rapibloc, 300 mg powder for solution for infusion) will as of June 19th be first commercialized by its distribution partner Amomed Pharma GmbH (Amomed) and thereby be available to treat patients in Germany and Austria followed by selected Central European countries. Later this year the product will furthermore be launched in Scandinavia. Launch preparations in other European countries are ongoing.

AOP Orphan and its partner, Amomed, have negotiated a commercialization agreement in April 2016 whereby Amomed´s regional subsidiaries in the EU will exclusively commercialize RAPIBLOC®. Amomed has also been granted distribution rights in selected regions outside the EU, with exception of USA and Canada.

"We are very pleased to have gained Amomed as an exclusive distribution partner for RAPIBLOC®", said Rudolf Widmann, AOP's CEO. "Amomed has the focus on cardiology and intensive care medicine required to successfully introduce this product."
"We are eager to make the availability of RAPIBLOC® known to our hospital customers," said Günther Kneissl-Mayer, Amomed's General Manager. "With RAPIBLOC® Amomed gains access to its 2nd originator product after EMPRESSIN® (the only licensed Vasopressin for treatment of septic shock in Europe to date). This will strongly support Amomed in establishing its role as a leading player in the field of intensive care medicine in Europe. We believe that the unique features of RAPIBLOC® will prompt physicians to reconsider the value of ultra-short acting beta-blocker therapy as the therapy of choice, when a critical situation requires a highly predictable and precisely controllable sympatholytic intervention."

RAPIBLOC® (landiolol-hydrochloride) is indicated for supraventricular tachycardia and for the rapid control of ventricular rate in patients with atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter in perioperative, postoperative, or other circumstances where short-term control of the ventricular rate with a short acting agent is desirable. RAPIBLOC® is also indicated for non-compensatory sinus tachycardia where, in the physician's judgment the rapid heart rate requires specific intervention. RAPIBLOC® is not intended for use in chronic settings.
RAPIBLOC® (Landiolol) 20 mg/2 ml concentrate solution for injection, and powder for solution for infusion in two strengths (300 mg / 600 mg) have recently been approved in a decentralized procedure involving most European countries.

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AMOMED Pharma GmbH, founded in 2006, is an opportunity-driven, international company based in Vienna, Austria. As a specialist in intensive care and emergency medicine, AMOMED supplies pharmaceutical products for anesthesia, cardiology, neurology and psychiatry. AMOMED products comprise the medication needed to relieve symptoms and significantly improve the quality of life, as well as medication that is primarily used in critical, life-threatening situations. By expanding into other EU countries AMOMED intends to become a pan-European specialist distribution partner for hospital drugs as well as a supporting partner and a committed solution provider for the medical specialist community.
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