a:head and 3Brain enter into collaboration on highdensity, high-throughput MEA systems

a:head bio AG and 3Brain AG announce today the collaboration on the development of 3Brain’s next generation microelectrode array (MEA): the CorePlate ™ technology.

The mutual objective of both companies in this collaboration is to develop hardware that allows for extraction of highly resolved electric signals from 3D biology in an automated, highthroughput work flow.

‘In a:head, we follow an unprecedented, unbiased drug design approach to uncover new treatments for human brain disorders by emulating the clinical setting in vitro’ says Josh Bagley, CSO of a:head. ‘In this context, electrical measurement and analysis of brain activity at high resolution and speed is very intriguing and may become an important cornerstone of our cerebral organoid-based drug discovery engine.’

‘3Brain is a leader in high-resolution functional in vitro screenings and is now launching the CorePlate™ technology on the market. CorePlate™ multiwell devices offer unparalleled resolution and innovative solutions specifically designed for brain organoids, the lab-grown recreation of human brain tissue holding a huge potential to model brain diseases. Therefore, we are delighted to join forces with a:head, which has a strong background in cerebral organoids’, Alessandro Maccione, CSO of 3Brain.

About a:head bio AG

a:head bio AG, is an Austrian biotech company focusing on the development of next generation therapeutics for the treatment of brain disorders based on human cerebral organoids. The company follows a standard biotech business model turning private and public funding into a valuable portfolio of therapeutic assets with the main objective to improve quality of life for patients suffering from diseases of the central nervous system.

About 3Brain AG

3Brain is the world’s first company to connect cells with sophisticated silicon chips in cell culture plates. The company has intensively worked on CMOS-powered cell-electronic interfaces with the aim of boosting research in major fields like neuroscience, ophthalmology and cardiology. After being the first to introduce CMOS-based HD-MEA (high-density microelectrode array) to overcome passive MEA limitations, 3Brain is now setting up the next standard with the mentioned CorePlate™ technology. 3Brain’s goals continues by improving in vitro cellbased screening outputs and thus raising the potential of finding new treatments for brain diseases.


a:head bio AG,
Dr.-Bohr-Gasse 7 VBC6, 1030 Vienna, Austria
Oliver Szolar, CEO
+43 1 3660519

3Brain AG,
Einsiedlerstrasse 30 CH-8820 Wädenswil, Switzerland
Mauro Gandolfo, CEO
+41 79 13 72 825

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