acib: Indian industry trusts in biotech research from Graz

While many companies are moving services to Asia, two Indian companies run another path. They rely on the research performance of the Austrian Centre of Industrial Bio-technology (acib) to find new eco-friendly technologies.

Get more out of food for humans and animals, while protecting the environment – that is the goal of the recent collaborations of the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (acib). Vivimed Labs Ltd., a global supplier of specialty chemicals, and Advanced Enzymes Technol-ogies Ltd., one of the leaders in the Indian Pharma/Biotech sector, recently started collaborative research with the acib in Graz. Both Vivimed, headquartered in Hyderabad, and Advanced Enzymes from Mumbai are interested in identifying new biocatalysts or enzyme technologies for food, personal care and pharma industries.  The Vivimed project deals with bioavailability enhancement of an active ingredient used in personal care applications, whereas Advanced Enzymes project will further reduce environmental impact through improving the nutritional value of animal feed by alleviating anti-nutritional effects with enzyme supplements. The budgets of both collaborations are in total more than 600,000 euros.

Rama Krishna Gudiminchi has initiated both projects. The acib Sr. Scientist, who meanwhile lives with his family in Graz, used his Indian roots to guide the research projects to Austria. "For Vivimed we will develop new enzyme reactions, which are intended to improve the bioa-vailability and stability of bioactives. Our goal is to develop a new, cost-effective and eco-friendly technology”, explains the scientist. The project with Advanced Enzymes deals with biocatalysts too. “The first goal is to improve the bioavailability of nutrients by alleviating the anti-nutritional factors in animal feed while lowering the pollution from animal waste in those soils where animals live”, says Gudiminchi.

Both collaborations are initially set to one year. "But there are ideas and plans for other projects and further extensions", says Anton Glieder, chief scientific officer at acib.

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