123sonography: 123sonography wins key opinion leader Dr. Brian W. Anthony

123sonography, the global leader in online ultrasound education, is pleased to announce the addition of Brian W. Anthony to its strategic Board of Advisors. The advisory board members serve as strategic partners in the development and the success of 123sonography's long-term and short-term goals.

Dr. Anthony is the Co-Director of the Medical Electronic Device Realization Center and Associate Director of MIT.nano. With over 25 years of experience in product realization, Dr. Anthony designs instruments and techniques to monitor and control physical systems and to make smart machines. He is a world expert in ultrasound imaging - in reducing the variability of ultrasound imaging workflow and improving ultrasound image analysis and interpretation. His experience and work specifically in finding the next generation of ultrasound solutions will provide great insights and directly support 123sonography's mission to provide online educational excellence to healthcare practitioners globally. VIDEO LINK

Prof. Dr. Thomas Binder, Founder of 123sonography, added, " we are thrilled to have Brian on our advisory board. His guidance will be invaluable to our continued success as we continue to grow in this industry."

Brian also shared, "From the first time I met the 123sonography team and saw first-hand how they were bringing amazing educational content to a global community of ultrasound users, I saw their opportunity. One of the significant impediments to the better use of ultrasound is efficient training and education on how to acquire and interpret imagery. The mission of 123sonography - to provide immediately useable guidance and education to the medical professional - will help accelerate the acquisition of the professional skills required to improve clinical care.”

Klaus, the CEO of 123sonography is also very excited about Brian joining the advisory board, stating "To get Brian on our advisory board and get advice based on his experience, knowledge and scientific research, is for our company an invaluable amplifier to our moonshot project to transform medical education and underlines our aim to think big."

A vital contributor to the successful expansion of 123sonography along with their establishment of a subsidiary in Boston, the recruitment of 2 employees, and acquisition of the US web portal SonoWorld.com, continues to be ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA and its business supportive initiatives. At the Pitching Days 2017 in New York, 123sonography was awarded the top prize and as a consequence received the opportunity to join the newly established ‘Go Boston LandingZone’ programme as the first Austrian start-up company in March 2018. More recently, the long term partnership between the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the MIT has certainly paved the way for appointing Dr. Brian W. Anthony to the Advisory Board .

Mag. Michael Friedl, trade commissioner for USA based in New York who has supported 123sonography over the past years, highlights the success drivers as follows: “Particularly for entry into the US market, it is vital to be well prepared, have a clear business plan, understand the inter-cultural differences, and last but not least to understand the needs of the target group and how to create value for them. 123sonography have mastered their homework for their market entry extremely well and has become a role model for how to utilize our springboard platform into the US market!”

About 123sonography.com

123sonography.com was founded in 2010 and has become a global force in medical e-learning with its headquarters located in Vienna, Austria and a U.S. branch established in Boston, Massachusetts early 2018. Today’s leading online-platform in medical education in the area of ultrasound and echocardiography after achieving profitability in 2013, 123sonography produces film-quality educational content with hundreds of 5-star reviews from customers around the world. The team of 30 employees is lead by founder Dr. Thomas Binder, Associate Professor at the Department of Cardiology / Medical University of Vienna, and former Google-Manager Klaus Müller. In 2010 an official partnership with the Medical University of Vienna was established. 123sonography is working to extend its educational programs to other medical fields across its more than 400,000 users based in over 200 countries. The vision of 123sonography is to make medical ultrasound increasingly accessible to international medical professionals and to strengthen and facilitate Austria’s position in the growing market of medical e-learning.

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