Vienna, 23.9. - 25.9.2019

Vienna Workshop on Functional Electrical Stimulation

The triennial “Vienna International Workshop on Functional Electrical Stimulation” provides a platform for researchers to present and discuss their recent work whilst visitors can expect a representative and actual overview of the state of the art of FES.

Keynote speakers:

  • Sean Doherty, University College London (UCL), UK: Neuromodulation of neurogenic bladder dysfunction
  • Franceso Moscato, Medical University of Vienna, Austria: Perspectives of Additive Manufacturing for Prosthetic Instrumentation
  • Ines Bersch-Porada, Swiss Paraplegic Centre, Switzerland: Applications of FES in Movement Rehabilitation in SCI

National organizers:

Austrian Society for Biomedical Engineering "FES group of the Austrian Society for Biomedical Engineering" - W.Mayr, M.Bijak, M.Pichler, H.Lanmüller, D.Rafolt

Note this cooperation: On September 26, 2019 “2. Fachtag Elektrotherapie 2019” will be staged in Vienna

23.9. - 25.9.2019

Haus der Ingenieure
Eschenbachgasse 9
1010 Vienna

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