Vienna, 15.9. - 17.9.2022

The Shape of Things to Come

3-day exhibition event merging scientific & artistic projects in a digital environment (Mixed Reality (XR) > Augmented & Virtual Reality | AR & VR)

The Shape of Things to Come is the first mixed reality exhibition organized by the MencheLAB and supported by the Vienna BioCenter PhD Program. The event will introduce you to a variety of speculative realities created by experts of different fields ranging from biology and mathematics, to computer science and digital arts, to show you how they picture our environment in the future.

Throughout the Vienna BioCenter Campus, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will bring digital worlds to life and can be immersively explored to get a glimpse at “The Shape of Things to Come”!

\\ a collection of heterogenous representations \\ an approximation of realities \\ created by the following scientists and artists


  • the Max Perutz Labs Vienna
  • the Institute of Molecular Pathology
  • the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine 
  • the Institute of Technology Austria (ISTA)
  • the University of Applied Arts (die Angewandte)
  • the Medical University Vienna
  • the University Of Göttingen

as well as

  • Rafael Ludescher, Artist
  • Dominik Grünbühel, Artist
  • Reinhold Aschbacher, Artist
15.9. - 17.9.2022

Vienna BioCenter
1030 Vienna

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