ÖGMBT Life Science Career Fair

As a platform for job-seekers and potential employers to meet, the LIFE SCIENCE CAREER FAIR will be open for students, graduates and seasoned professionals with free registration.

Life Sciences are a vibrant field. There are very talented and qualified people in life sciences and many challenging jobs in academia / industry / institutions. As ÖGMBT, the platform for life science professionals in Austria, we are already active in “matching” talents and jobs.

It is time to take matchmaking further - as a platform for job-seekers and potential employers to meet the LIFE SCIENCE CAREER FAIR is the first career fair for employers and employees from all over Austria. Finally an own career fair for the Life Science field in Austria!

In addition to the career fair, a program full of inspiring presentations, workshops by employers and workshops on career planning will show attendees the variety of career opportunities in academia / industry / institutions available and help to envision personal career goals.

ÖGMBT - connecting life scientists and the job market!

Who should attend?

Whether you are an intern, a BSc/MSc or dissertation student, a newcomer to the job market or a career changer - the LIFE SCIENCE CAREER FAIR will be open for life scientists at any level. Currently looking for a job, thinking about making PhD or not or just curious about what is offered on the job market? The LIFE SCIENCE CAREER FAIR is the right place to be!

Submit your CV, update your LinkedIn profile = be found by employers

Every registered participant is invited to submit a CV to the online TALENT POOL. Exhibitors will get access to the TALENT POOL and screen the submitted CVs for potential candidates. Employers may contact you and arrange an interview during the LIFE SCIENCE CAREER FAIR for a particular job offer or to give you feedback on your CV. So, prepare your CV in time! We also highly recommend the creation or updating of your LinkedIn profile, as this platform is the treasure trove for recruiters.

Exhibit at the the ÖGMBT Life Science Career Fair: Ideal opportunity for recruiting and employer branding

There is a 20% discount on all exhibition options for ÖGMBT members (companies & institutions) and research institutions (university and non-university) - research institutions that are ÖGMBT members even get the double discount.

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy supports the career fair so that there is a special discount for start-ups and SMEs up to 5 years old on exhibition packages. To request the sponsor & exhibitor manual reach out to ÖGMBT at office(at)

Bookings are possible until March 31 – some options are limited and will be given on a “first come first served” basis.

Tue, 16.5.2023 | 09:00 - 20:00

FH Campus Wien
Favoritenstraße 226
1100 Vienna

ÖGMBT Website with additional information on the career fair