Vienna, 17.9. - 20.9.2024

International Plant Proteostasis Conference (IPPC)

The International Conference on Plant Proteostasis 2024 serves as a global platform to discuss the latest discoveries and developments in the rapidly evolving field of plant cellular and protein quality control.

Registration is open.

Cellular proteostasis involves constant monitoring and adjusting of the cellular proteome to respond to various internal and external signals, including stress via the quality control pathways. Recent advances in plant proteostasis have shown that quality control pathways are vital to adapt to the changing conditions and could play major roles in our effort to help plants adapting to the global warming and increased pest pressure.

The meeting aims to bring together scientists who are at the forefront of research on the processes that enable the cell to meet the degradation demands of the proteome. It will provide a unique opportunity for researchers in the field to present and discuss the latest developments, to create a better understanding of the role of plant proteostasis, thus also focusing efforts towards developing a sustainable agriculture.

Key discussion topics will include ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like signals, autophagy, proteasomal and vacuolar degradation, protein quality control, and the interaction between different signalling pathways.

Scientific organizers

Andreas Bachmair, Max Perutz Labs Vienna • Yasin Dagdas, GMI • Barbara Korbei, BOKU • Silvia Ramundo, GMI

17.9. - 20.9.2024


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