Vienna, 26.8. - 28.8.2019

First European Single Cell Proteomics Conference

Conference on the newest technological advances and novel strategies in MS-based proteomics

Comprehensive single cell technologies are and will continue to shape modern biology ranging from basic science towards clinical research. Recent advances in high throughput technology-driven approaches allowed the global characterization of small tissue samples or organoids down to a single cell. These pioneering developments are already able to provide essential information about encompassing cellular heterogeneity and the complexity of cellular interactions.

The conference focuses on the newest technological advances and novel strategies in MS-based proteomics. The organizers aim to share ideas and discuss future directions in order to encourage outside the box thinking and drive technological innovations towards single cell proteomics.

The organizers will host brainstorming sessions focusing on advantages, bottlenecks, analysis tools and future applications of multiplexing technologies. Furthermore, for example advances in sample preparation, data acquisition, data processing, technological novelties driving low input proteomics will be discussed.

Registration is free of charge but required for attendance. Deadline: July 31, 2019.

26.8. - 28.8.2019

Vienna BioCenter
Campus Vienna Biocenter 1
1030 Vienna

Details on the program and registration