Vienna, 19.6. - 20.6.2023

BioToP Conference 2023

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On June 19th and 20th, 2023, we will commemorate 12.5 years of BioToP, the PhD program on Biomolecular Technology of Proteins, and organize the BioToP conference in Vienna, with presentations by top-notch invited speakers, alumni of the program and current students of BioToP.

The program covers a wide range of topics including structure-function analysis, protein engineering, protein synthesis, expression systems, bioinformatics and molecular modelling. To invite a large international community, and in particular to give young researchers in the field of biotechnology the possibility to attend this two-day event, this conference is free of charge for everyone.

Abstract submission deadline: May 22nd 2023

BioToP provides comprehensive and thorough up-to-date research in four distinct research areas:

Area I – Structure-function analysis, engineering and design of proteins

Area II – Biosynthesis, post-translational modifications and trafficking of recombinant proteins

Area III – Expression systems and cell factories

Area IV – Bioinformatics and molecular modelling

19.6. - 20.6.2023


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