Philipp Hainzl
Managing Director

Philipp Hainzl has been representing the Vienna Business Agency in a management capacity at the Vienna life sciences platform LISAvienna since September 2020. As head of the Business Agency’s life sciences team, he also helps shape strategic decisions on the future development of this sector in Vienna. Philipp Hainzl is responsible for the Vienna Business Agency’s Startup Labs at the Vienna BioCenter and is committed to providing additional laboratory space for companies in Vienna. In addition, he serves on the advisory board of the CBmed Center for Biomarker Research in Medicine.
His career path so far has taken him from academic research at the Center for Cancer Research at the Medical University of Vienna to the biotech start-ups Haplogen and Horizon Discovery and to the “big pharma” company Takeda. In addition to a broad knowledge base gained from his degree in genetic engineering & biotechnology, he brings valuable experience in biotech and pharmaceutical management, lean management and process optimization, lab management and in sales and customer support to LISAvienna.