ZIT: Call Smart Vienna 2012

This Call is open for entries in the period June 19, 2012 to September 19, 2012, and is being advertised and implemented within the context of the RESEARCH funding program.

The topic “smart city“ is not only enormously present in international discussions and the planning of appropriate measures, but is naturally on the political and economic agenda in Vienna. According to a study carried out by the American climate strategist Boyd Cohen, Vienna is ranked first in the global “Smart City Ranking”, ahead of the other global metropolises such as New York and Hong Kong. Cohen compiled this ranking on the basis of various indicators such as innovation and sustainability. Moreover, Vienna was once again rated at the very top of the most globally livable cities for the third year in a row (see Mercer’s Global Quality of Living Ranking 2009 2010 and 2011).
On the one hand, the pioneering role being played by Vienna with respect to the “smart city“ is due to suitable measures carried out by the public administration (for example the “Smart City Vienna” initiative within the context of the Strategic Energy Plan of the European Union as well as “Open Government Data Vienna”). On the other hand, it is naturally also a consequence of the innovative strength of Viennese companies, who are capable of developing and offering corresponding products.

This current Call Smart Vienna 2012 is designed to exploit and further enhance the innovative prowess of Viennese companies, not only to further press ahead with the development of the smart city in Vienna, but also to strengthen Viennese companies on international markets. The opportunities for Viennese companies are very good due to the fact that a number of cities are pursuing the objective of becoming a “smart city”.  The Call thus targets Viennese companies who are developing multipliable solutions which can make international metropolises smarter in general.


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