WWTF: Four new Science Chairs for Vienna

WWTF announced to fund four new Science Chairs in life sciences and cognitive sciences in 2008 with in total EUR 6 millions. Vienna based universities are invited to convince promising scientists from abroad to come to Vienna to enhance research in the city. Deadline for submitting proposals to WWTF is September 12, 2008.

- Quantitative Methods in Life Sciences: from Observations to Paradigms
With two group leader positions for quantitative methods in life sciences WWTF strengthens its efforts to add further theoretical groups to Vienna’s strong experimental biology community. The reason for doing so is that complex biological systems such as cells can only be understood by developing the corresponding theories and models together with experts from physics, chemistry, computer sciences or mathematics.

- Cognitive Sciences
By funding two group leader positions in cognitive sciences Vienna shall improve its position in this internationally rapidly growing area. Both approaches originating from the natural sciences and approaches based on social sciences or the humanities are welcome. Molecular biology research, psychology, psychiatry, linguistics or new IT approaches might be applied to address questions concerning issues like memory or consciousness for example.

About WWTF
The Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) is a non-profit organisation under private law which is funding science and research in Vienna. By its operating WWTF aims to strengthen Vienna’s position as a location for science and innovation. When defining thematic programmes but also when selecting projects for funding WWTF pays attention to the capability of the funded projects of making significant contributions to the improvement of Vienna’s position. Quality is key to WWTF’s success: International peer review and outstanding jury members are an absolute must in regard.

Further information please see www.wwtf.at

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