Vivaldi Biosciences to present universal influenza vaccine data at the World Vaccine Congress

Vivaldi Biosciences, a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing nasal spray vaccines for viral respiratory diseases, will present data on its DeltaFLU universal influenza vaccine at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington, DC on April 5.

Thomas Muster, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Vivaldi Biosciences, will present data showing broad protection with DeltaFLU universal influenza vaccine against influenza virus type A and B strains. These proof-of-concept data from preclinical challenge studies indicate the potential for DeltaFLU to protect against all influenza strain types causing seasonal and pandemic influenza in humans.

Vivaldi Biosciences is preparing for a Phase 2 clinical challenge study to demonstrate efficacy and the potential for universal protection with DeltaFLU universal influenza vaccine. The randomized, placebo-controlled challenge study will evaluate protection conferred by DeltaFLU in healthy adult volunteers in a controlled setting. Clinical challenge studies can indicate efficacy faster and with a smaller number of subjects than conventional Phase 3 studies.

DeltaFLU is a nasal spray vaccine with a unique mode of action. DeltaFLU rapidly induces interferon and broadly cross-neutralizing mucosal antibodies in the nasal passages, creating a first line of defense at the point of entry of circulating viruses. The self-adjuvanting effect of interferon enhances T- and B-cell activity for a broadly protective systemic immune response, with cross-protective serum antibodies directed to conserved regions of theinfluenza hemagglutinin antigen.

About Vivaldi Biosciences

Vivaldi Biosciences develops genetically engineered intranasal vaccines for epidemic and pandemic viral respiratory diseases. The company’s patented vaccine technology centers on eliminating the influenza NS1 gene to generate self-adjuvanting live attenuated vaccines that are more effective than prior nasal spray vaccines. Vivaldi Biosciences has completed Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials of DeltaFLU vaccine strains, demonstrating broad immunogenicity and safety, including absence of replication and shedding. The company’s Delta-19 combination vaccine for Covid-19 and influenza is in preclinical development. Vivaldi Biosciences’ Vero-cell based vaccine manufacturing system uses patented advances in production and purification for high yields and reduced costs. Vivaldi Biosciences is a venture-backed company with operations at the Research Innovation Center at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, and in Vienna, Austria. NGN Capital LLC is the company’s lead investor. Learn more at Connect with Vivaldi Biosciences on Linkedin.


Bill Wick, CEO, Vivaldi Biosciences
Tel: +1 650-400-8915

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