Vienna biotech company TissueGnostics expands its business - by now in Japan and USA

The Austrian TissueGnostics Corporation, busy in the field of biomedical technical technologies, develops, manufactures and distributes worldwide with around 35 employees. This motivated team, grouped around company founders, Georg Steiner and Dr. Rupert Ecker, two highly experienced scientists originating from Vienna Medical University Hospital, are focussing on diagnostic tools for single cell detection in solid tissue, cell cultures and blood smears.

The company’s core competences are focused on software engineering that is based upon image analysis, one of the most promising and developing future disciplines. Latest dynamic analysis algorithms adopted for the specific needs of cell analysis have been worldwide patented and are now receiving international appreciations within a rather short time.

Recently TissueGnostics was successfully certified according to EN ISO 13485:2003, the proof for highest quality standards in developing, manufacturing, distribution and maintenance of medical technical systems and products. This is a significant milestone for the future clinical routine diagnostic use of TissueGnostics systems and solutions.

Since almost one year Athena Wien Beteiligungs AG, where Ex-VP-Chairman Dr. Josef Taus with its MTH group is one of the investment partners, holds 39% of TissueGnostics and allows entering into the worldwide market.

HemoFAXS lighst up blood

The exactness of a diagnosis has crucial influence onto a long chain of therapeutic decisions. The researchers at TissueGnostics again developed an unprecedented novel system, this time for evaluation of blood smears. Beside the well established solutions for tissue and cell analysis this is now a further milestone in the history of TissueGnostics.

The unique advantages compared with previous products are the automated analysis and evaluation processes as also the definitive single cell recognition within the examined blood smears. TissueGnostics provide an ideal and unique way to answer the increasing requests and needs for quality management systems in the field of blood analysis.


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