Two Pi: SELFFIT references hearing aid market trends

Two Pi GmbH announces a successfully completed prototyping of SELFFIT App for interactive adjustment of hearing and personal amplification devices and the start of a clinical trial phase.

The SELFFIT prototypes have been developed in cooperation with the Academic Medical Centre (Academisch Medisch Centrum AMC) in Amsterdam and integrate a hearing aid with an iOS-based app for hearing device adjustment.

SELFFIT is a 3-step procedure for user-driven adjustment of hearing devices that combines screening of mild to moderate hearing loss, first-fit, and interactive fine-tuning. The different components have already been tested in clinical pilot studies. The initial »first fit« is calculated based on a scientifically proven method of hearing loss diagnostics that does not require previous knowledge of audiogram.
The subsequent fine tuning is done by completely novel interactive method that allows the user to convert his individual hearing preference into a personalized device setting.

By transferring the device fitting from the audiologist to the patient, SELFFIT redefines the fitting procedure and addresses the common problems of hearing device acceptance – as has been recently uncovered in the MarkeTrak reports.  By promoting involvement of the user in hearing aid adjustment, SELFFIT is aligned with a leading innovation trend in science and industry: from self-learning devices and interactive fitting to diverse telehealth features that are likely to become essential »made for iPhone« applications.

SELFFIT enabling technology is intrinsically designed for combination of a smartphone and hearing device and is positioned to serve alternative product and distribution concepts.
It provides an improved solution for those non adopters with mild to moderate hearing loss who demand an easily accessible product, and at the same time do not want to compromise the quality of accurate individual hearing device fitting. The actual form factor and use of products utilizing SELFFIT is diverse: from a conventional hearing aid to a device resembling telephone headset, among others.

In the emerging markets, SELFFIT can supply a technological solution to the problem of insufficient audiology infrastructure. A radically new product and technology concept is the perfect match for manufacturers facing a changing market.

The essential USP of SELFFIT is that it is designed and clinically assessed by Two Pi and AMC in order to comply with medical standards for hearing aids.

SELFFIT is also prepared for personalized sound amplification in non-medical devices and is, à la longue enhancing their standard and performance. As a result, SELFFIT is in any case contributing to the benefit and satisfaction of the device users!

About Two Pi
Two Pi is an innovative technology company developing advanced intellectual property for the hearing healthcare, personal communications and professional communications markets. Two Pi's algorithm catalogue results from a streamlined scientific program carried out with university partners.

About AMC
The Academic Medical Center (AMC) is one of the foremost research institutions in the Netherlands, as well as one of its largest (teaching) hospitals. Over 7000 employees provide integrated patient care, do fundamental and clinical scientific research, and educate students in Medicine and Medical Informatics.

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